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Puppy raising can be a lot of work but is also a lot of joy!!

What do you get with a Gorsebrook Labrador Retriever puppy? A LOT!!
All of our puppies - no more than one or two litters a year - are born and raised in our family room utilizing multiple advanced litter raising methods to maximize their physical, mental, training and personality potential throughout life, making them highly versatile and trainable for whatever tasks & adventures await them.
The Gorsebrook Advanced Litter Raising Program includes:
- Extensive handling (love and kisses)
- Exposure to a wide variety of people, sights, sounds and surfaces (min. 7 in summer, 6 in winter) including the Adventure Box and Tunnel
- Early Neurological Stimulation
- Early Scent Introduction
- Conditioning to the clicker
- Introduction to the crate
- Introduction to wings (birds)
- Introduction to water (puppy pool, weather allowing)
- Puppies are health-checked and receive 1st vaccinations from our veterinarian at ~7 to 7.5 weeks of age with certificates of same.
- They are dewormed 3x
- Have their nails trimmed regularly
- are CKC registered, pets on Non-Breeding Contracts
What does this Advanced Litter Raising do? It means that Gorsebrook Labrador puppies are bright, sound, outgoing, very trainable and ready to go!
But that's not all......
Designed to help owners once puppy goes home, our extensive Gorsebrook Puppy Raising Program is provided to new puppy owners-to-be to aid in setting up puppy's schedule, how to crate train, how to correct common problems, the importance of early socialization, the need for appropriate early obedience training starting with Puppy Kindergarten and much more. Provided as an integral part of the adoption process, this puppy raising information gives owners a headstart on having a well-behaved puppy. This program is based on my Puppy Raising - The Essential Guide online course which has been offered through the Ontario Community College system, but is provided at no extra cost to Gorsebrook puppy buyers-to-be before puppy goes home. We also provide detailed Care & Feeding Guidelines for each puppy at the time of pickup.
Questions are welcomed at any time for the life of the puppy and buyers are encouraged to ask questions anytime, to stay in touch, come for visits, send pictures & news often. I am always available to consult on all questions owners have about their puppy or dog and to assist in every way possible, throughout the lifetime of the dog. Pups are placed on the understanding of a life-time commitment to the pup on the part of the buyers, reflecting the life-time commitment by the breeder to each pup.
A few words about price & fad breeders... You may find Lab puppies on Kijiji for $500-800 and on fancy designer dog websites for $3500-$5000 and up. Serious purebred hobby breeders in this region sell registered, purebred Labrador puppies from titled & health cleared parents for $2000-$3000,including CKC Registration. Everyone raises pups differently and it is important that prospective buyers get to know the breeder, his/her involvement with her litters & dogs including titles and clearances, the adult dogs in the home and the mother of the litter (covid allowing). Oftentimes the Sire is in another region or even country, so it is not always reasonable to expect to see the Sire on premises. People who breed for 'rare' colours or trends do not respect the breed or its standard and are highly unethical (eg. silvers, champagnes, charcoals, mixed breeds like doodles, etc.). If the pups are not called the colour they are registered as, eg. silvers being fraudulently registered as chocolates, then buyer beware! Those who may have different pricing for males and females or 'with/without papers' are also likely not responsible, ethical breeders. If someone does not respect the Standard for Labrador Retrievers by breeding mixes or unacceptable colours, they are intentionally harming the breed for their own gain. Buyer Beware!
Wonderful family companions come from the same litters as do Champion show dogs, Hunt Test & obedience+ titled dogs. We do a ton of work with our litters, beyond all the titles & clearances of their parents, to produce pups that can & do excel at a wide variety of activities, as befits the breed: show, field, obedience/rally, service, therapy, Search & Rescue, family companions and much more. We are always happy to place pups into active show & working homes as we have found that our dogs thrive over time if given new things to learn and jobs to do. Bored dogs are more likely to misbehave and be destructive.

All our Labrador Retriever puppies or adults are placed by prior reservation to pre-approved loving homes; litters are usually reserved well in advance of birth. All Gorsebrook dogs and those from other kennels used at stud have OVC or OFA Hip & Elbow clearances and current DACVO/CERF cleared eyes; Optigen, EIC & CNM testing are also used where appropriate. Gorsebrook pups are warranted for two years against genetic-based hip dysplasia and 4 years against PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy); other genetic-only issues are dealt with on an as-needed basis.
All pups are CKC registered and all pet pups are placed on CKC Non-Breeding Agreements.

Please email for more information on pedigrees, warranty or any other questions.


Specialty-quality, wonderful temperaments, talented pups for show, field, obedience,
service, SAR, therapy visitation, family companions and more.

We had a lovely litter of black puppies born February 27 2024, out of our lovely Greer:
The Sire is the wonderful Lincoln:
Please email us at for more information.

What would you like to do with your Gorsebrook Labrador?

Leslie Grant
 Eastern Ontario, Canada